The successful use of dentures has been well-documented throughout history. So have incidents of embarrassing moments caused by dentures that do not adhere properly to the gums. Enter snap-on dentures!

Snap-on dentures provide several important benefits to patients compared to standard removable dentures that fit over the gums and rely on suction and adhesives to keep them in place. 

Eat and speak with confidence

Snap-on dentures are secured to implants (screws) that are inserted into the jaw, which increases stability and reduces slippage. Snap-on denture wearers report that they no longer fear biting into foods and breaking the dentures, or having particles of food get stuck under the dentures. They also notice a significant decrease in the odd sounds associated with traditional dentures when trying to speak. Embarrassing whistling and smacking sounds are virtually a non-issue.

Easy daily maintenance

Where traditional denture wearers must remove their devices every night to soak and clean, brush and re-apply adhesives, snap-on denture wearers have the option of leaving them in overnight. Snap-on denture patients can choose the time of day to remove the dentures and clean them. Good hygiene and cleanliness of snap-on dentures is critical to their longevity.

More durable than standard dentures

The materials used to manufacture snap-on dentures are superior to those of yesteryear. They are stronger and harder acrylic-based devices that hold up to harder foods.

Look more natural than standard dentures

Traditional denture wearers often complain that their dentures are not natural-looking; some feel that they look too big for their mouths. As we age, our jaw density shrinks, which makes dentures that sit on our gums look too big. Snap-on dentures provide a more secure fit as they are attached to implants embedded in the jaw.

Help to prevent further bone loss in the jaw

Snap-on dentures require the surgical implantation of screws into the patient’s jaw. In essence, these screws are replacing the space of the original teeth in those places. This ensures that the pressure remains stable within the jawbone and the jaw remains stimulated. This also slows down the bone from breaking down.

More cost effective than individual dental implants

While dental implants have definitively changed the smile restoration industry, they can be quite costly and therefore unaffordable for many patients. Snap-on dentures typically rely on the placement of only two to four implants to secure the dentures in place, making them significantly more affordable.

There are many options available to help you restore your beautiful, natural looking smile! Make sure that you consider snap-on dentures while making your dental plan with our team. We will do a consultation to see if you are a candidate for snap-on dentures and make a treatment plan.

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