What will it take for you to get the smile of your dreams? If you’re someone who wants a sparkling, beautiful smile, the best thing you can do is schedule a visit with a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry has a host of exclusive procedures that you can take advantage of to get the best smile possible. A reputable cosmetic dentist will explain each procedure to you. When you visit this office, you’ll have a choice of procedures, and there are several reasons why people may choose to use cosmetic dentistry Boca Raton. We’ll outline these reasons and a few procedures below.

1. Stained or Dark Teeth

Most people who come in for cosmetic treatments want to use whitening treatments to help remove any stains on their teeth. The treatments could be a take-home kit or done in the office, and they’re much better than the over-the-counter whitening kits that you can purchase from the store. You can also choose to get tooth-colored resin dental bonding done to help mask stains in a spot treatment if you don’t want to whiten your entire mouth. Another option is porcelain veneers, and these can meet your needs better than whitening. They’re a great way to cover stains to give you a very bright, even smile.

2. Chipped Teeth

It is surprisingly easy to chip your teeth from an injury or an accident, and this can be a huge source of insecurity for many people. Cosmetic dentists offer dental bonding to help repair and remove minor chips from your teeth. If you have more extensive damage to the teeth, it’s common to get porcelain veneers instead of fixing the chips one by one.

3. Missing Teeth

If you have a tooth or two missing, you most likely won’t need to get a set of partial dentures. Instead, your dental professional can use bridges and crowns to fill in your smile. They can take care of one or more missing teeth quickly and easily with minimal discomfort to you, and cosmetic dentistry Boca Raton allows the dentist to match your current teeth so you can’t tell which teeth are natural and which aren’t.

4. Crooked Teeth

Anyone who has crooked teeth may think that the only option they have available to fix it is to get braces. However, this isn’t necessarily true. If you only have mildly crooked teeth, veneers can sometimes provide a fix. This can spare you from the expense of extensive orthodontic treatment.

5. Unattractive Fillings

Fillings had a silver color that was very popular, and it’s very easy to spot them when they’re in your teeth. This includes having them in both the front and the back. The answer to getting rid of this filing is using a cosmetic dentist and going for a crown. A crown will cover these fillings to give you a flawless look, and they usually match the current shade on your teeth.

6. Worn or Cracked Teeth

If you have worn or cracked teeth, cosmetic dentistry Boca Raton can help. Again, a crown is a great answer to help correct this issue. A crown will cover the tooth and give the tooth reinforcement. In turn, this can protect it from further wear or cracking while giving you an attractive appearance.

7. Cavities

You need to have fillings in your cavities to prevent the decay from getting worse and spreading to other areas of the tooth. Today, silver fillings are not the only option available. Today, many fillings feature a composite resin, and it’s a tooth-colored material that will blend seamlessly with your other teeth, so you can’t even tell it’s there.

8. Big Gaps

A big gap between your teeth can be very noticeable, especially if it’s in the front teeth. Many people think that braces are the only option to close the gap, but you can use dental bonding or porcelain veneers to get just as effective results in a fraction of the time and cost.

9. Broken Teeth

Broken teeth can easily prevent you from chewing correctly and put more strain on your jaw, but they also look unattractive. Crowns are one way to cover your broken teeth to help restore functionality and give you a better appearance at the same time.

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

There are several popular cosmetic dentistry Boca Raton procedures that can help give you a smile you’ve always wanted. We’re going to touch on a few below.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding involves using a putty-like, tooth-colored resin. This is a durable plastic material that your dentist will apply to your tooth and harden it using a laser or ultraviolet light to bond the resin to your tooth’s surface. The dentist will then shape, trim, and polish it. Bonding can help repair cracked, chipped, crooked, or decayed teeth, and it’s popular for helping get rid of silver fillings. It costs between $100 and $400 a tooth on average, and it usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes.


A crown or cap will fit over your tooth to replace the entire damaged or decayed tooth above your gum line. This will restore the tooth’s appearance, strength, size, and shape. Crowns work to keep a cracked tooth together or protect weak teeth, and you can use them cosmetically to cover very discolored or misshapen teeth. They can come made from resin, metal, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal, and they cost roughly $500 to $900 each.

Inlays and Overlays

Better known as indirect fillings, they come made from composite materials, porcelain, or gold and work to fill in damaged or decayed teeth. They get molded in place during a visit, and the dental laboratory uses this mold to create a permanent mold the dentist bonds to your teeth. They work to preserve as much of your healthy tooth as they can, and they cost between $650 and $1,200 per tooth.

Find a Cosmetic Dentistry Office Today

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your smile or you have some damage, schedule an office visit. We’re happy to take a look and sit down with you to discuss which options would get you closer to having a stunning smile you can’t wait to show off.