Have you ever been captivated by someone’s smile and wondered if your smile could look that amazing? If you weren’t born with the genetics for the perfect smile, you might find yourself considering a crown, dental implants, dentures or veneers. The decision to beautify your smile is one that requires your dentist to not only use the right materials and tooth shaping tools, but also find a seamlessly matching color and shade for your dental replacement.


How it Works

At first glance, color matching seems simple enough. Your dentist holds up a sheet with sample colors on it, and you decide which one matches your existing teeth. However, there’s more to it than you’d expect. Achieving the custom shade matching you seek depends on the materials used to make the replacement teeth and then taking the time to find or create the seamless shading match for perfecting your smile. You’ll also need to consider any whitening treatments you’re currently undergoing or planning to undergo. 


The Process

During the custom shade matching process, your dentist may change lighting and will make sure that you have enough saliva present in your mouth, both of which affect the way your teeth and gums appear. Making sure conditions are ideal helps your dentist calibrate the translucency of your existing teeth. Your dentist will take that shading into account and will present you with their thoughts on which color and shade will work best for you. Our team supports local business and works with a local lab to create dental replacements that are the perfect fit and color.


Custom shade matching produces a more natural-looking tooth that will seamlessly blend in with the existing teeth. Rejuvenating your smile is our top priority. At Viner Dental our team of board-certified dentists and dental technicians are dedicated to making your smile as brilliant as you deserve! Call us at 561-367-9922 to schedule an appointment. Let’s get started on restoring your amazing smile!

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