Getting dental work done is never fun, especially when the dentist brings out tools that look like modern-day torture devices. However, it’s essential for your health. When your dentist tells you that you need crowns, you may find yourself with more questions than answers. What are the types of crowns? Which one is right for you? Learn about the differences between types of dental crowns and implant crowns. 


Dental Crowns

If you’re new to crowns, chances are, you will be dealing with dental crowns. This style of crown sits on your tooth, hugging it to ensure a solid seal. They can be made of a few different materials, including metal, porcelain and zirconia. When properly placed, they fit the tooth naturally, don’t impede your bite and don’t mess with the natural way you hold your mouth. 


Dental crowns provide simple tooth restoration. They protect weak teeth from breaking, restore broken or worn down teeth, support teeth with large fillings and cover teeth after root canals. To place a dental crown, a dentist files a tooth and then replaces the filed down section with a crown. This is a procedure that can be done in one sitting. 


Implant Crowns

Getting an implant crown is a more intensive process. This style of crown can look similar to a dental crown on the outside, but the main difference is what’s underneath. Dental crowns are simply placed under filed away teeth, while implant crowns are just that — implants. There are four types of implant procedures: all-on-four implants, snap-on dentures, implant restorations and custom crowns and bridges. 


Implant crowns help those with missing teeth or those who can’t get or don’t want dentures, bridges or crowns. They’re also for people who tried dentures and did not get the desired results. These types of crowns are created alongside oral surgeons. An implant is screwed into the jaw bone, then the patient is given time to recover. After recovery, the dentist screws on the implant crown. 


Everyone’s situation is different, so there is a chance you may be a candidate for dental crowns, implant crowns, or both. Then, there’s the matter of what materials the dentist will use to make the crown. It’s important to have a consultation to see which type of crown would make the most sense for you. If you’re in need of dental work, give Viner Dental a call at 561-367-9922 or contact us online

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